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Antique Style Stone Set Stud..
Old Stone set Stud Earrings. White metal. Very sparkly. Each earring is set with Four Marquise(4) Green Stones. Four (4) Round Purple stones with a Round Five mm(5mm) Blue stone. Size :- H18mm W18mm New cushion back holders for posts are supplied. From my Grandmothers collection would be app Fifty Years...
$24.00 $19.20
Puff Heart Wire Earrings
Puff Heart Sterling Silver Filigree Stamped 925 Height with hooks :- 27mm Heart size H:-13mm W:-13mm D:-8mm. Lovely dainty earring. Presented on a card with a decorative Organza pouch. AUSTRALIA REGISTERED POST. AU 4.50. Signature required.
$21.50 $19.35
Red Jasper Hand Carved Eleph..
Red Jasper Elephant . Hand Carved . First pic is the true colour of the Red Jasper Elephant. Very detailed carving. Trunk up for good luck. Interesting patterns in the natural Jasper Crystal. Size:- H40mm L:-60mm W:-29mm. Australia post. Tracking. Signature required. AU 7.50.
$29.99 $19.49
Rose Quartz Hand Carved Elep..
Wonderful Hand Carved. Natural Rose Quartz Crystal Elephants. Great detail,trunks raised for good luck. These items contain the normal inclusions found in Rose Quartz. Transparency and colour may vary due to the area of crystal carved. Australia Post. Tracking. Signature required AU 7.50.
$29.99 $19.49
Amethyst Cladagh Pendant, St..
Bright finished Amethyst set Cladagh Pendant. Sterling Silver. Very dainty, dark Amethyst. stamped 925. Hollow back. Size:- H30mm W20mm. Height includes bail. Crystal 6X5 mm Heart. Shipping Australia Post registered mail, signature required AU 4.50
$32.99 $24.74
Peridot Cladagh Pendant
Dainty Peridot set Cladagh Sterling Silver Pendant. Bright finish, hollow back, clean Peridot crystal. Stamped 925. Size:-H30mm W20mm height includes bail. Crystal 6x5 heart. Australia Post registered mail,signature required. AU 4.50
$32.99 $24.74
Tiger Eye & Moonstone
Lovely Tiger Eye Pendant. Capped with figured Sterling Silver with a 5mm Moonstone Cabochon. Stamped 925. Size:- H30mm W17mm T12mm including Cabochon. SHIPPING:- Registered Australia Post. Signature required AU 4.50
$38.50 $26.95
Flourite Hand Carved Fish
Green Fluorite Fish , Hand Carved natural crystal. White marks are light reflections. Very detailed. Height :- 60mm Width :- 55mm thickness :- fish15mm. Base:- 25mm x 35mm Australia post. Tracking. Signature required. AU 7.50.
$29.99 $26.99
Celtic Cross Filigree
Filigree Celtic Cross Sterling Silver Highly detailed Celtic cross. Bright finish, Sterling Silver, stamp 925. Size:- H40mm W24 height includes bail. Australia post. Registered mail. Signature required. 4.50.
$48.99 $36.74
Ankh Celtic Cross Pendant, S..
Celtic Ankh Sterling Silver Pendant Lovely Ankh,decorated with Celtic floral design. Sterling Silver Bright finish with shaded patterns. Hollow back. Size:- H40mm W27mm. Stamped Sterling, high quality, American casting. Australia post, Registered mail. Signature required. 4.50
$49.50 $37.13
Eagle Sterling Silver Pendant
Wonderful Rampant Sterling Silver Eagle. Bright finish with toned areas, double hidden bails. Top quality detailed American casting. Stamped Stirling. The picture does not do this item justice, far better in the hand. Size:- H32mm W22mm. Shipping, Australia post registered mail, signature required AU...
$52.50 $39.38
Dragon with Sword
Flying Dragon with Sword. Sterling Silver Pendant. Highly detailed Dragon,dark shading with bright highlights. Double sided, heavy casting. Stamped 925. Size:- H42mm W47mm. Bail cast on back. Australia post. Tracking. Signature required.AU 7.50
$98.00 $88.20