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Unakite Turtle. Hand carved...
UNAKITE Turtle,Hand carved . Some areas showing incomplete carving, see pics. Detailed Chinese design. Size:- L45mm W:-33mm T:-15mm Lovely for a touch stone for pocket or purse. Australia Post. Tracking. Signature required. AU 7.50.
Red Jasper Hand Carved Eleph..
Red Jasper Elephant . Hand Carved . First pic is the true colour of the Red Jasper Elephant. Very detailed carving. Trunk up for good luck. Interesting patterns in the natural Jasper Crystal. Size:- H40mm L:-60mm W:-29mm. Australia post. Tracking. Signature required. AU 7.50.
Rose Quartz Hand Carved Elep..
Wonderful Hand Carved. Natural Rose Quartz Crystal Elephants. Great detail,trunks raised for good luck. These items contain the normal inclusions found in Rose Quartz. Transparency and colour may vary due to the area of crystal carved. Australia Post. Tracking. Signature required AU 7.50.
Flourite Hand Carved Fish
Green Fluorite Fish , Hand Carved natural crystal. White marks are light reflections. Very detailed. Height :- 60mm Width :- 55mm thickness :- fish15mm. Base:- 25mm x 35mm Australia post. Tracking. Signature required. AU 7.50.
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